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Huzhou Ben Teng Textile Technology Co. Ltd., located in Zhejiang Huzhou Wuxing District eight Li Dian Zhen Yin Jia Wei warp Park No. 8, formerly known as Huzhou City Xin Feng braid factory, located in Wuxing District of Huzhou City, eight State Road 318 Li Dian Zhen Qian Cun, founded in 2003, the main warp knitted fabric, set up in 2009 Huzhou Yu Yang textile trade limited company, business transformation for warp knitted fabric production and trade, second-hand knitting machinery, 2017 renamed Huzhou Ben Teng Textile Technology Co., the original business and sale of warp knitting accessories. Fourteen years, the company completed a new growth - development leap from the original concept of production to customers to switch to seek customers initiative, the development of electronic commerce, for the country, and strive to rush out of Asia to the world.